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Artificial Intelligence has invaded the world and animation videos can make you a good side hustle. 

In this article, I’ll teach you how to create the best animation video with totally free tools. You can start your business with a YouTube channel for documentaries such as this animated video, kids’ stories channel, horror stories, or any niche you are interested in.

You are only 4 steps away from the start of financial freedom. Step 3 is very important, so read the article till the end and start implementing it as soon as possible.

Step 1: Generate your script and prompts with ChatGPT

The first step to making the video is heading for Openai and creating an account. 

ChatGPT Prompts Mastering

Write a suitable prompt to generate your script according to your niche. 

That’s the best prompt to make ChatGPT generate a good script for your video

[Hello, ChatGPT! Act as a professional story writer; I’m working on creating engaging video content, and I’d love your help in generating some captivating short stories. These stories should be suitable for animation video format and should capture viewers’ attention quickly. The story should ideally be under 200 words and can belong to “various genres, such as suspense, drama, science fiction”. 

Generate short story from AI models prompt

After generating the script, ask ChatGPT for prompts to generate the images. We will make the video more professional by generating two prompts for each scene, one for images and the other for generating a 3-second video. 

And these are the prompts:

1- Prompts to generate images from Leonardo, Midjourney, or any other platform.

[You are a great designer who designed thousands of outstanding designs; Convert this “documentary/story” into prompts to make the AI Model generate images each describing the above documentary to be a compelling “documentary/story”; OK?]

2- Prompts to generate videos from Pika Labs

[You are a great designer who designed thousands of outstanding designs; Convert this “documentary/story” into prompts to make the AI Model generate videos of 3 seconds each animating the above documentary to be a compelling “documentary/story”; OK?]

Step 2: Voiceover your script

Visit the website

After generating your script and prompts, we will use for voiceover. You can use any other platform. Watch this video for more free websites to generate human-like voiceover. Sign up using this link

Click Create Audio, copy and paste your script, and select the voice that suits your tone and script. 

Now, we’ve completed steps 1 and 2. Let’s move to the most crucial step.

Watch The Video

Step 3: Generate your animated video for free

There are many platforms where you can make animated videos but you have limitations in the free plan. Today, I’ve come up with a totally free platform. 

For this step, we will use Pika Labs. Sign up to the platform using this link Invitation 

Make animation movies by Pika Labs

Once you’ve logged in, get started directly. Join one of the Generate. 

join Pika Labs to generate free animation

Write /create and enter your prompt. Add this prompt to the one you generated from ChatGPT to make your video more professional

“–16:9 motion 3.”

I always use two methods for this. The first is to take the ChatGPt prompt and ask Pika to generate the video. This will generate a 3-second video, download it, and do the same for other prompts. 

Create prompts for animation videos Pika Labs

The second method is to generate an image with ChatGPT prompt and this can be done by Add the following to your prompt to generate high-quality images hyper-realistic, 8k, ultra HD, Pixar style, Disney style, cinema 4d, –ar 3:2” 

use to generate high quality images

After generating the image, upscale it, then download it. Go back to Pika Labs and create another video using this image. 

generate a video by animating an image

Do the same for all prompts and now let’s move to the next step.    

Step 4: Edit your video

Use any video editing program for this step. I’m using CapCut as it is free and has all the options we need for editing.

Download CapCut  It is Free

Open Capcut and if you don’t have CapCut, download it from the official website. It is easy and free. Create a new project and upload all downloaded animated videos and the voiceover. Edit it and you can make transitions between clips and add background music from YouTube Audio Library. Export your video.

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Bonus: How To Scale Up Your Animation Videos To Make A Side Hustle

Animation can be used to make money in a number of ways, such as:

1) Freelance work:

As a freelance animator, you can produce animations for clients. On websites for independent contractors like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, you can locate clients.

2) Creating animations for commercials:

Businesses constantly require animations for their commercials. You can offer these businesses your animation services and produce animations for them.

3) Producing animated videos for social media:

You can show off your animation prowess on sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. You may make animated videos and make money off of them with sponsorships or adverts.

4) Producing your own animation content:

You may produce your own animated content and share it on websites like Patreon, Vimeo, and YouTube. If your work is well-liked, you may earn money from it by selling adverts, goods, and sponsorships.

It’s crucial to remember that making money with animation can be time-consuming and difficult, but with perseverance and commitment, you can transform your love of animation into a successful career.

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